Are you open if there is rain? Please check for a Facebook status update, though do we operate in a light drizzle.

Is there an age limit? This attraction is intense, it’s up to if you want chase the bad dreams away for your kiddo.

Are there snacks? Yes!

Will customers be filmed or photographed? Yes.

If I act up, can I be thrown out? Yes. Don’t try us.

Will the actors touch me? No. And you are not allowed to touch them, either.

Where is the haunt located? Hell Harvest Haunted Attraction is located in Potosi, MO at 19126 MO-8, Potosi, MO 63664.

How can I pay for tickets? You can purchase your tickets on location at the ticket booth with credit cards or cash. Or you can pay online using a major credit card (recommended). CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW SAVE MONEY AND TIME

How do I know my order is confirmed if I purchase online? When buying tickets online you will receive tickets by email. We can see tickets in our system or view tickets on your phone.

Can we bring our guns or any kind of weapon? NO! Period.

How much does parking cost? Nothing, it’s completely free!

Are your attractions handicap accessible? They are NOT handicap accessible, unfortunately. The crowds can limit the accessibility and safety of individuals who are handicapped, so it is NOT recommended. Hell Harvest is very difficult for individuals who are handicapped because or the outdoor terrain and the outdoor nature of the attraction. Unwanted wear and tear can and will result on wheelchairs and/or other assisting devices, and therefore not recommended. If you have a broken leg or other prior injuries or prior medical conditions, you should not enter the attractions.

How long does it take to go through? It depends on how fast you travel through the maze. Hell Harvest has many visuals and a long and dark maze. Our best estimate is that it will take you 40-60 minutes to go through.

Do your attractions have security? YES!

What are your safety measures for COVID-19: We’re suggesting no one visit with a fever and wear mask covering while attending the haunted houses. Do not attend our event if you’re sick, have a fever or recently had the flu.

Do you serve alcoholic beverages? No. And you’re not allowed to bring them on any of our properties.

What can’t we bring with us to your haunted house? No pets. No weapons. No alcoholic beverages. No drugs. No cigarettes. No costumes. It is also recommended to leave your valuables at home, like cell phones, purses, loose jewelry and more. We do not stop production to search for lost or missing items. All lost or missing items will be searched for after the close of business. We are not liable for lost or missing items. Additionally DO NOT LEAVE valuables in your cars. YOU MAY WEAR FACE MASKS AND RUBBER GLOVES.

Will the actors touch us? No. Our actors are trained not to touch any customer for any reason. You will not be grabbed or touched by any actors unless it’s by accident, which does happen. We also ask that you DO NOT touch our actors or any staff members as well as the props and sets. Warning it’s possible one of our actors might touch you or another customer might touch you. You’re taking that risk upon entry. If you feel you have been touched without consent please inform our management.

Are Animals allowed into attractions? No they are not.